Information on Paperless Processing Procedures

ASAPNexus- Automated System for Accredited Providers (ASAP)

ASAPNexus is the web interface designed, developed, and hosted by PA CLE that allows accredited providers to prepare Course Notifications, Course Attendance Rosters, and Course Evaluation Data for electronic submission to PA CLE. In addition to the paperless processing of CLE reports, ASAPNexus includes options that have been developed with the assistance of other Accredited Providers. Various association management functions are intended to assist in the administration of a CLE event such as a registration of a program, various reports, and the ability to generate attendance forms. Login and password information is made available to approved providers as part of the PA CLE's Accredited Provider Orientation and ASAPNexus "walk-thru."

For more information on ASAPNexus, please contact  PACLE   at  (717) 231-3250 or email

Electronic Exchange of Provider Reports for Specific Systems (EXPRESS)

As the EXPRESS acronym indicates, this more technical method of electronic filing is designed for organizations with specific systems that already utilize an existing database to track their attendees, courses and supporting information. The concept of extracting necessary data from an existing system and arranging into a specific file format is the methodology behind EXPRESS reporting. EXPRESS specifications are essentially the recipe that outlines the file layout for the electronic submission of Course Notifications, Attendance Rosters and Course Evaluations to the PA CLE Board. This method is designed for organizations with the technological capacity to construct data files in the specified format.

For more information on EXPRESS or to obtain the specifications, please email

Electronic Fund Transfer for Accredited Providers

Currently PA CLE processes payments made by both check and electronic funds transfer (EFT). The EFT method replaces the check request process and allows for the electronic remittance of CLE fees. Since the process is linked into existing paperless programs (ASAP), the provider authorizes the amount and the transfer process proceeds automatically. The EFT method is both accurate and efficient and allows for the rosters to be processed daily. Currently PA CLE processes payments made by both check and Automated Clearing House (ACH). By signing up for the direct debit option, the submission of attendance rosters becomes completely automated. This payment option reduces the chance of data entry errors and the credits are loaded daily.

How does ACH (Automated Clearing House) work?
  • Provider specifies account to debit by completing an authorization form.
  • Provider authorizes amount via ASAP prior to submitting roster.
  • Attendance roster is received.
  • Credits are loaded by PA CLE.
  • Amount debited electronically
  • Processed Daily
How do I sign up?

Complete the authorization form. Attach a deposit ticket or voided check.
Return to:

601 Commonwealth Ave,  Suite 3400,  PO Box 62495  Harrisburg,  Pennsylvania  17106-2495

Print Fillable Authorization Form
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